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It is likely that the reason you have come to inquire about bereavements and funerals is due to loss. If so, please allow us to extend our deepest sympathies. Whether you are involved at St. Mark's or have come to know us by reputation, we want to hold your hand through this difficult time.

“Blessed are those who mourn,

For they will be comforted.”

Matthew 5:4

God promises to bring us comfort in our time of need, and Jesus assures us that not a single hair on our head goes uncounted (Mat 10:30). Sometimes such thoughts bring comfort, and other times you may feel angry. We're here to support you from funeral planning to care and counseling. Please contact us via email or telephone [(704) 399-5193].

Please download [right] the "Funeral Customary" for more information. If you wish for your loved one to be buried in our cemetery, please refer to the document [right] entitled, "St. Mark's Cemetery: Cemetery bi-laws governing regulations & policies." All forms can be returned to the church office or email.

Burial plots

St. Mark's has a historic cemetery that was established when the church was built in 1886. We work hard to maintain the grounds so as to honor our founders who have been laid to rest there. Please contact St. Mark's via email or phone [(704) 399-5193] to inquire about available burial plots.


Click the image [left] to download information about "Cemetery bi-laws governing regulations & policies."

Information & forms


Click the image [left] to download information about and the application for the "Funeral Customary."